Ageing of Components and Systems

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The book is divided into three parts; one general part, the second focusing of the mathematics involved and the third discussing a number of applications.

Part one consists of four chapters. In the first Eid, Lannoy & Procaccia are setting the foundation by discussing what ageing is. They present some physical aspects, why the topic is interesting to us and why reliability theory is a useful tool to improve the ageing management.

Next Simola, in two sections, discusses what ageing management is and what methods are available to support this. Aspects relevant for ageing and information needs are described. She goes on to discuss, very generally, how to identify ageing components and effects. Further, Simola discusses the basic principles of reliability modelling of ageing, but without going into details of the mathematics.

In chapter four Petterson first discusses data for identification of ageing phenomena; what should we look for and how. Bouzaiene-Marle follows with a discussion on how expert judgement can be used in ageing anticipation, and what should be considered in such process.


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Kaisa Simola, Lars Petterson

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