Industrial Application of Structural Reliability Theory

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Industry has shown an increasing interest in applying structural reliability theory. However, the number of real practical applications is much smaller than one would expect. There are many reasons for this, for example that too few are trained in this field, or the conservatism of engineering companies. Whatever the reason, it is surprising that so few real applications are published.

In the beginning, we have seen applications in the design/analysis area, especially for high risk structures, e.g. in the offshore and nuclear areas. In many countries code calibration has been performed on a probabilistic basis. The latest example is the new EUROCODE. A relatively new and very promising area for application is probabilistically based management systems for inspection and repair of structures, and for justification of the life extension of structures.

Against this background, ESReDA decided to establish a Working Group on “Industrial Application of Structural Reliability Theory”.


The reliability of a structure is its ability to fulfil its design purpose for some specified reference period.

The Industrial Application of Structural ReliabilityTheory Report presents some of the most fundamental concepts in structural reliability theory.

The different industry areas covered in this book are:

  • Energy
  • Offshore
  • Bridges and transportation
  • Space structures
  • Hydraulic engineering systems
  • Fatigue assessment of structures .

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