OREDA Handbook 2009, 5th edition – Volume I and II

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The 5th edition of the OREDA Handbook was released in December 2009 containing OREDA® Phase VI (2000-2001) and Phase VII (2002-2003) data. Reliability data collected and processed in the OREDA® project has been published in generic form in four Reliability Data Handbooks; 1984 (1st edition), 1992 (2nd edition), 1997 (3rd edition) and in 2002 (4th edition). The Handbooks contain reliability data on offshore equipment compiled in a form that can easily be used for various safety, reliability and maintenance analyses. The 2009 edition of the OREDA Handbook include data from phase VI and VII of the OREDA project, and covers the period 2000 – 2003. The data are compiled in a similar manner as the former Handbooks, and include data on a similar detailed level as the ’02 handbook, typically for use in maintenance analyses (e.g. RCM).