Shaping Public Safety Investigations of Accidents in Europe

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This book is a result of a joint effort by experts in accident investigation and accident analysis from 10 countries in Europe across almost every industrial sector.

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The main objectives of this book are:

  • To describe the origin, the development, the current situation and the observed trends in Europe concerning public investigation of accidents, including comments of main objectives and organisational patterns.
  • To identify and discuss some of the main dilemmas and conflicts between an investigation commission and the environment and that exist within a commission, together with outlining some main challenges of investigation.
  • New entrants in the area of public safety investigations might benefit from the oversight in this book to familiarize themselves with the current situation in several fields, basic notions, concepts and developments.
  • Helping to achieve consensus on the notion of public safety investigations by clarification of the existing diversity across nations and sectors and the shift in mission and objectives that is emerging.

European Safety Reliability & Data Association (ESReDA) is a European Association established in 1992 to promote research, application and training in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS). ESReDA is a non-profit making association of European industrial and academic organisations concerned with advances in the safety and reliability field. The association always welcomes comments, contributions and ideas concerning this and other handbooks published by the association and invites contribution for further development needs in the reliability data field.

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