Access to the complete computerized database is limited to OREDA members. Limited access can be granted to contractors working on the companys behalf.
The OREDA database contains reliability data collected by our member-companies over more than 30 years from their installations located around the world. A brief summary of the database content and what data is recorded can be found in the tables below.

Topside and onshore data:Subsea data from:

  • 265 installations
  • 16000 equipment
  • 38000 failures
  • 68000 maintenance records
  • Adriatic Sea
  • Guinean Gulf
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • North Sea
  • West of Africa
  • West of Shetland

Inventory dataFailure event dataMaintenance data

  • Classification data
  • Identification data
  • Specification data
  • Maintenance data
  • Operation data
  • Identification
  • Failure event data
  • Remarks
  • Identification
  • Maintenance event data
  • Maintenance resources
  • Remarks


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