The aim of the OREDA JIP is to improve Safety, reliability and maintenance through the collection and analysis of reliability data. Specifically, the OREDA members are working to

  • Improve safety; by providing experience and data on risks related to offshore operations.
  • Improve reliability and availability; by the use of reliability data one can select the most reliable equipment and configuration, and reveal weak designs for future improvement.
  • Improve maintenance effectiveness; by using failure data to refine maintenance strategies.
  • Enhance industry reputation; by demonstrating a high degree of understanding of equipment performance and characteristics.
  • Reduce climate impact; by the use of reliability technology.

Through these objectives we are working to

  • Collect and exchange operating experience in a common format
  • Promote reliability engineering in E&P projects
  • Develop a reference for the collection and analysis of reliability data in the oil and gas industry
  • Feed back operating experience to equipment manifacturers
  • Co-operate with other organizations and research institutes on data collection and analysis