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For customers that have bought or will buy the OREDA Handbook 2015 (6th Edition), we offer the OREDA Handbook 2009 (5th Edition) on 50% discount.

The sums of population for various equipment types are different in the 2009 and the 2015 versions of the OREDA Handbook. For some given equipment, the 2009 version has a larger total population than the 2015 version, and vice versa. This is mainly due to a modification of prioritization of the data collection on certain equipment. For example, a general trend is that data collection on subsea equipment was prioritized in the 2015 version.

OREDA JIP members decided to propose the 2009 handbook with a 50% discount for customers of the 2015 handbook.

Send an email to to buy the OREDA Handbook 2009 on 50% discount.


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